Terms & Conditions

1. The Biscato.pt website is an online platform where the Customers record their requests and interest in the provision of certain services, and where the professional providers of various services are registered in order to have access to the applications presented.

2. Requests submitted by Clients are disclosed to Registered Professionals whose activity is compatible with them, so that, if they so wish, they submit to Clients, directly, proposals for the services requested and their budgets.

3. It is up to the Client to evaluate the proposals of budget and services presented by the Professionals, being the selection of the Professional of its entire and exclusive responsibility.

4. Biscato.pt, does not intervene, to collect the requests of the Clients and the registrations of the professional service providers, divulging those to these, in order to allow the process of choosing the Client.

5. The Client may also choose not to select any of the Professionals who contact him or her to present their respective budgets, acknowledging that Biscato.pt is a third party in the contractually established relationship between Client and Professional, neither being able to guarantee the fulfillment of the Party of the Professional or any transaction that may be agreed to between them.

6. The information regarding requests and Professionals that appears in the website is provided, respectively, by Customers and Professionals.

7. Biscato.pt does not select Specific professionals; The purchase order request is not limited.

8. Clients and Professionals are obliged to include in the website only true and correct information, as well as, and whenever necessary according to the service to be provided, the supporting documents for the exercise of the respective activity.

9. Biscato.pt is not responsible for the information referred to in the previous number, and the Client, prior to the selection of the Professional, must evaluate and prove the veracity, correctness and integrity of the same.

10. The presentation by the Professional to the Client of fraudulent proposals or false or incorrect documents, in no case may be imputed to Biscato.pt, with the responsibility of selecting the Professional and confirming the information provided by Biscato.pt.